AIK took on Häcken at Friends Arena during Wednesday night in what many thought would be a thrilling event with many goals but instead it was Daniel Sundgren who made the only goal of the match in the 76th match minute after a delicious crossball from Kofi Adu who was looking for Sundgren who had ran behind Häcken’s defenseline and managed the chance in absolutely the best way when he found the net to the home team’s advantage.

After it was a very disappointed Andreas Alm who appeared at the press conference, especially dissatisfied with the second half that coach of Häcken called ”trash”

– I think we can be six points after the top of the league now if Djurgården wins their game, everyone who has mentioned Häcken as one of the gold candidates can start thinking about it now. If we beat Malmö, AIK and the teams that were better than us last season then it is reasonable to put us up there, if we do not, we will have to get into the lead behind these clubs. We were not even close to beat AIK today, so it was a fair victory for them, said Alm.

There where many who hailed when Norling chose to set up with 4 attackers, where Goitom-Elyounoussi-Obasi had to lie behind a deep-running Jack Lahne, a tactic that initially looked promising with some created chances, but that also gave the away team some surfaces during the changes and it was Häcken’s Nasiru Mohammed who got a great opportunity to give the away team the lead with 0-1 already in the first minute of the game but the finish got barely steered and rolled out over the short line before a disappointed Mohammed.

The match then continued at a sleepy pace and between two teams wanting control over the match, there were more passes beside than forward. In the twentieth minute, Karol Mets was close to giving the home team the lead after a nice freekick from Sebastian Larsson and a few minutes after that, the away team and Alexander Jeremejeff arrived with a close close outside Linnér’s right post after a fine attack.

From the minute 40 until the half, then the match woke up when first Häcken’s team captain Rasmus Lindgren had problems with a bouncing ball inside his own penalty area, so the ball ended up on his left arm and over 11,000 people at Friends Arena shouted for penalty, but the evening’s referee which was Glenn Nyberg chose to let the game continue.

A few minutes later when the clock was up in added time, Sebastian Larsson pulled down Daleho Irandust a bit outside the home team’s penalty area, Häckendefender Joona Toivio stepped forward and what hit the Finnish national team player got when he with his sharp right foot dotted Oscar Linnér’s right post and this year’s goal in Allsvenskan we could have entered already in the fifth round.

Half-time result: 0-0

Second half:

In the second half, it was a home team that took small steps forward over the field and changes the game completely, and the away team’s attempt at attacking was blown away when the normally fine combinations were replaced with long balls up against a lone Alexander Jeremejeff. And when Häcken was trying to speed up the ball after the ground, it was slow short passes  that was easily stopped by AIK.

Despite the fact that AIK was able to get hold of the ball on an offensive level half, they never really reached any really hot chances when Häcken was well gathered and organized in the defense.

The goal would then come in the 76th match minute just when Häcken prepared their first changes in the game and Enoch Kofi Adu struck a perfectly crossball diagonally to Daniel Sundgren who was able to receive the ball with his chest in speed and then poke the ball behind Peter Abrahamsson next to the first post, and 1-0 for AIK it was. 

The picture was then changed as normal when AIK would defend their lead and Häcken had to lift their team up to try to tie the game. A scoring chance for Häcken  would pop up  in the 80th minute when the away team got a freekick just a few meters from offensive penalty area but this time Joona Toivio didn’t really get the hit he had wanted and a well placed Oscar Linnér could just as easily box off the ball from dangerous area. The last chance to score would also come at a free kick from the defender, but this time the distance was quite far from the goal and a shot that Linnér had no problem whatsoever to catch, even if it was a small return.

After 5 minutes of added time , the ref Nyberg blew the whistle and AIK bounced up on a fourth place in the league, one point ahead of Häcken who is placed on sixth place.

Christoffers thoughts:


Many talked before the game about Häcken’s Top player Paulinho who had to stay home because of sickness, but my thoughts were how the team from Hisingen would manage without their midfield engine Erik Friberg in another match. All honor to Alexander Faltsetas and Gustav Berggren who made it clearly approved in larger parts of the game but it’s evident that Friberg with his smart and straight play that usually opens up surfaces for his teammates was not on the pitch. Friberg needs to be on the pitch if Häcken will be able to join the Top 3 in Allsvenskan 2019.

Häcken against AIK:

Häcken has visited AIK 18 times in total in a game in Allsvenskan. 3 draws and 15 losses are the result, or 15 wins and 3 draws if you see it from AIK:s side. A remarkable feature that gives AIK a great mental advantage already before the game.

Norling’s tactical choice:

Rickard Norling is strongly associated with his 5-3-2 system which he brought with him to AIK and led the team to Gold 2018, before yesterday’s game it was therefore many who raised the eyebrows and noted that Norling chose to shape the team to 4-3 -3 instead of ”To get more from each individual” said Norling before the game.

The defensive was, as usual, stable and a new shutoutå was allowed to be collected for Oscar Linnér, however, the offensive once again left a lot to be desired when Jack Lahne ended up very lonely many times and looked everything but comfortable out while Henok Goitom and Obasi ended up far down the field and the later one could sometimes almost be seen as an outback when it toked a long time for him to get up in the right position to give Lahne support, which many times had to be alone against Häcken’s strong defenseline. Then it will also be that both Rasmus Lindkvist and Daniel Sundgren had to take a greater responsibility defensive when they were wingbacks in a four-back line now but still it was Daniel Sundgren who could be the man of the match with his game winning goal after he filled up along his right edge.


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