Ring Jacket har tidigare varit väldigt begränsad till den japanska marknaden och en relativt väl bevarad hemlighet sen företaget grundades på 1950-talet. En tillverkare som kombinerar det skräddade och lediga i form av perfekta snitt och intressanta tygval.

” Ring Jacket are recognized as one of the finest Japanese ready-to-wear producers today. Since 1954, they have built a reputation for creating quality garments blending Japanese, British and American sensibilities with a southern Italian flair. They are one of the few producers who can say their production is completely Japanese, often collaborating with Japanese mills to create unique and distinctive cloths not available anywhere else. Their garments deliver incredible style and quality at an extremely reasonable price. Since 1957, their Kaizuka-City, Osaka, factory has served as their base of operations and continues to grow, joined by a new factory in 1990 at Kuzumi town, Oita. Over the 1960s, Ring Jacket developed a reputation as a small, but unique manufacturer, bringing a refined look to comfortable ready-to-wear pieces. Since then, Ring Jacket has developed a unique sewing style they can truly call their own. Ring Jacket also travels to the Armoury’s Hong Kong and New York locations twice a year to present unique fabrics and personalized measurements with their Made to Measure program.”

Har man inte möjligheten att besöka Japan så finns Ring Jacket sen en tid tillbaka tillgänglig på nätet i butikskedjan The Armoury. Ta en titt på bilderna nedan och kolla om Ring Jacket är något för dig.

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