Ingen trogen BAWS-läsare kan ha missat att vi var i Madrid förra veckan för att närvara när NIKE visade upp sin senaste skapelse, fotbollsskon Mercurial Vapor Superfly.
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Som vi berättat tidigare visades skon upp av Cristiano Ronaldo, och givetvis lyckades vi komma över en intervju med världsstjärnan.
Läs, njut, längta tills fotbolls-VM och gå och köp ett par Mercurial Superfly om du spelar fotboll. 


Hello Cristiano, You returned to action this week after some downtime. How did you feel physically and mentally about being able to get back to doing what you like best which is play football?

Of course, I was out for 2 weeks, so I’m happy to be back on the pitch. It was quicker than expected, so I’m happy things went well

The Champions League- final is played in Lisbon. How special would it be for you to hold up the trophy in your country ?

For me it would be a dream to win in Lisbon front of the Portuguese people, in the national stadium.  For us a final in Lisbon would be our dream. I think we will make it.

You are here to present the new mercurial superfly which you will wear in Brazil this summer. Tell me what you thought when you saw this boot for the first time ?

It was a feeling of surprise, I had never seen this kind of boot before, with that style, the concept, the level of comfort, the design, the color itself – I think it’s really great.

skooooAnd what did you feel when first put the boot on?

It was amazing, as soon as I put them on the boots felt comfortable immediately. They felt really good… I wanted them as quickly as possible because they felt good.

Were you involved in the redesign of the boot?  How did you feel about it?  What personal touches of yours are in the final product?

Not just these boots, it happens with all my boots, not just these ones, they always ask for my opinion, the players’ opinion and what we do and don’t like. Feedback is vital. It was the same process, we had a good connection and the final product turned out great.

Mercurial superfly was created to improve the speed of the players. How important is the speed / quickness in your game ?

Nike is ahead of the game, not just with these boots. The difference is in the design, the degree of comfort, it is amazing, different to any other boot. It is no surprise to me, Nike is the best and that is why they do things better, they are very comfortable boots, so they always get good feedback from me.

What does it feel like being the star player for the Portuguese National Team and always being in the limelight?

I have always been a person who likes big challenges, I like to be under pressure, otherwise I’d hang my boots up and end my career!  I like to do things properly for every game, train hard. The fact that I am the captain of the international squad is pressure,  at an international level, I enjoy working with the players, the team, the technicians, the masseurs, the physios, the doctors, it is like one big family, so I am making the most of my skills for the team and I am comfortable with that.


You are an idol of the Portuguese. What is it like to wear the kit, be the captain of the team and hear the anthem of your country ?

These moments are unique, I feel really proud to represent my country, I enjoy it, for example everyone in the stadium singing the Portuguese national anthem, it is unique.

What is the goal of Portugal at the World Cup ?

As has been said before, we are not the favourites and we know we are in a difficult group, in my opinion the best in the World Cup, we play Germany in the first game then the US. It will be tough.

For the comfort of players, Nike has innovated once again with the introduction of the material Flyknit. You feel the difference ?

Of course it is a major innovation, As I said it is no surprise, Nike are always doing something new, and bringing new things out, it is different to the other Mercurials but it is the same level of comfort.  I think it’s great and I think I can score goals wearing these boots.

In recent months, you won the Golden Ball, you became the top scorer in the National team and you were honored by the President of Portugal . Did some of these accomplishments make you feel good?

I think team spirit is the most important part of the game. But wanting to achieve on an individual level and wanting to do that bit extra is always a goal. My aim is to be at the top level, the highest level, winning the Balon D’Or I can’t complain. I am grateful to my teammates at Real Madrid and the national squad.

When you won the Balon D’or, a Swiss lady who was sitting next to me cried because you were so thrilled to receive the award . Your emotions surprised the world. What motivated that reaction?

That day I cried, it is one of those emotions you can’t control, it was something I was not expecting, and for me it was a really genuine moment. When I hugged my son in my arms, any parent knows what that feels like.


How does it feel being Portugal Captain?

I will focus on being the captain once the season is complete. The Champions League will not influence my approach to the World Cup, we have time for that, they are completely different things.  I will only be away in January. We will work as a team like we did for the Copa Del Rey, and now it will be the same thing, to win the Champions League.

Is the World Cup still the most important event in world football these days?

It is a question of opinion, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion but the squads in the World Cup are the best, it is the most important event.  Then there are other events like the Champions League, which is important and maybe harder to win. I like to play under these conditions wherever the best players are.  I don’t know which is more important, I think they are all important.

We just saw a great Nike ad and you seem to be very confident as an actor…. Is this something you would like to do after you finish to football career ?

The door is always open. “I am always available” as they say in English. I am not thinking now about the end of my football career but it is always a possibility because I am used to it, I work with journalists and the press every day, at the start when I was 18 or 19 it was more of a surprise, but now it is part of the job, we help each other, it is almost like a family.

(För Barca-fans kan vi även tipsa om vår exklusiva intervju med Neymar Jr som ni hittar HÄR)


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