Conor McGregor gick upp från fjädervikt till weltervikt inför sin match mot Nate Diaz, som Conor förlorade via submission i andra ronden under UFC 196. Nates boxningstränare Richard Perez tror dock att McGregor inte var helt ren inför matchen, och detta hade han att säga via ”Submission Radio”:

I mean, I’m not around him… I’m not the one that really knows, but just by watching a guy to come up from 145 to 170, you’re gonna have some fat on you. Believe me, you’re going to have to have some fat somewhere. Around your waist, somewhere. He didn’t have any fat at all. He was solid muscle.

So how are you going to build that much in two weeks and be solid muscle? You know what I’m saying? Because he was supposed to fight at 155, but he was already overweight. I know he was.

Like I said, I’m not the one who really knows about him, but to me, I feel like he’s gotta be on some kind of substance, you know, to get built up. Cause he’s a little guy, and a little guy can’t get real bulky that quick.

Härnäst pekar mycket på att Conor kommer att få möta Diaz i en returmatch under UFC 200, som går av stapeln den 9 juli i Las Vegas.

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