Den före detta UFC-fightern Bubba McDaniel fick nyligen avtjäna en dag i fängelsecell eftersom han beslutat att det vore bättre än att betala sin böter på 1300 kronor.

McDaniel postade på Facebook, där han berättade att han under en tid letat matcher utan framgång och sedan åkte fast utan säkerhetsbälte i sin bil när han sökte jobb.

Det här berättade han, via Facebook:

”One promotion said ‘yeah we can match you up, $700/$700′ …. After taxes and expenses I get to fight for basically free and they get to put ‘UFC vet’ on their posters. One other one in Texas is trying to find me a matchup, still for not great money, but I’m still waiting now almost a month for them to make it official, because people want more money than ME to fight me.

So I’m doing lawn service and general handyman type stuff and busy work to provide and hoping people can find a good spot for me on a card, hopefully the one July 18th in Texas isn’t just jerkin my chain.

I will get paid more in one day of sitting in jail than I will being out in the hot sun slaving away like I was trying to do when they pulled me over between yards anyway. I break my back for ME. I refuse to do it for someone fuckin with me about wearing my seat belt on a 1/2 mile ride”

Det här hade han att säga om sitt beslut att avtjäna en dag i fängelser, via ”BloodyElbow”:

”Yeah I keep telling people that too. They think it’s just crazy to volunteer to go to jail.

I got 100 credit for 24 hours… then they said we are overcrowded and kicked me out early and just gave me 200 for 24 hours… no biggie. In and out BUT. Jail food stopped me up real bad. Lol”

McDaniel gick sin sista match i UFC under UFC 171 i mars 2014, då han mötte Sean Strickland och förlorade via submission. Han fick sedan sparken i slutet april samma år efter två raka förluster.

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