Memoaren delar de mest genuina delarna av hans liv med en personlig prägel. Från hans start som en ivrig entreprenör i Elmira, New York till hur han med beslutsamhet byggde upp sitt internationella varumärke, som idag är ett globalt mångmiljardbolag. Med memoaren vill Tommy Hilfiger inspirera andra att fullfölja sina drömmar. 

Boken är skriven i samarbete med Peter Knobler. Bokens omslag är fotat av den välkända fotografen Richard Phibbs i Tommy Hilfigers flagskeppsbutik på Fifth Avenue i New York. 

Boken finns att köpa för 300 kronor på Tommy Hilfigers flagskeppsbutik  på Biblioteksgatan samt på se.tommy.com 

Några tungviktare inom mode- och kulturvärlden har tyckt till om hans memoar: 

“Whenever I think of Tommy Hilfiger, I think of a designer who has been able to wrap fashion in the American flag. In American Dreamer Tommy shows how he has taken the (rock) stars and the (preppy) stripes and come up with a look—and a label—that are recognized globally as being quintessentially American, as well as a brand that constantly keeps time with pop music.”
—Anna Wintour
“Tommy burst onto the fashion scene at the height of hip-hop and was instantly taken up by rappers and rockers alike. Since then, year after year, he has been ahead of the curve with his elegant and stylish looks. His creative energy has always been an inspiration to me. He’s really himself in American Dreamer.”
—Mick Jagger
“Tommy is an inspiration to many people. American Dreamer shows how he has managed to be successful in business and done so with integrity. I have come to know Tommy, and every time we talk I learn something new about creating a successful business.”
—David Beckham
“Tommy is one of the most genuine people I know! In American Dreamer you can feel his passion pour through everything he does: fashion, fatherhood, family and friendship!”
—Alicia Keys


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