Vladimir Rodic risks a longer suspension after the match against Kalmar on Sunday. Now the judging group chooses to report the midfielder to the Disciplinary Committee. Vladimir Rodic did not play against Kalmar on Sunday, but the midfielder still got a yellow card. That at the end of the match – a declined goal for Hammarby got Rodic to rush to assistant referee Daniel Gustavsson, screaming and gesticulating.

A yellow card usually involves cases closed and no additional penalties, since the judge has made his assessment. But now it can still be more punishment for Rodic – a notification will be submitted to the Disciplinary Committee.

In the union’s competition rules there is a paragraph that opens to change judicial decisions that are ”obviously incorrect, such as warning or expulsion”.

Now, the union’s court chief Stefan Johannesson will refer to that paragraph to get the case on Rodic tested in the Disciplinary Committee. It writes Sportbladet.

– This is something that I have discussed in detail during the day with the referee team from the match. I want us to try to get it tested, says Johannesson to the newspaper.

Mohammed Al Hakim was the lead referee in the match on Sunday. He said yesterday that he will submit a notification to Sef in order for replays of the death case to be shown on a large picture inside the Tele2 Arena. But now he has, in consultation with Johannesson, decided to report Rodic afterwards. Al Hakim admitted yesterday that it is possible that Rodic should be shown out immediately.

– When we look at the pictures afterwards, it’s not okay what he is doing. But we did not experience it during the match. Mentally, it is so that you shut down, you are inside your own bubbel and it was the same for Daniel. He would be expelled immediately afterwards,he said.

Stefan Johannesson says that the decision has now been taken to report to the Disciplinary Committee.

– It was such a pressured situation with everything that happened on the plan and alongside Tele2 so that just because Mohammed Al-Hakim made an assessment, it need not have been correct, he says and continues.

– I think many people agree that Rodic’s behavior is not acceptable.

– Therefore, I have agreed with Al-Hakim that he should report that incident as well.


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